b. california

James Maurelle was born in california, his praxis explores sculpture, video, and photography, recycled materials are his physical and digital primes.  He is a graduate of the san francisco art institute with a degree in film, design & technology and holds an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. He works and resides in Philadelphia, PA.



artist statement

There is a correlation formed between labor and creativity, at the center of this byway is the heart of my practice. Building objects are not unlike creating music compositions, the accompaniment; i.e. tools and materials, are a call and response to creativity. The rubric to complete any composition is to know ones’ instrument(s)/tools; the creative process is based on this reciprocal understanding. Jazz is the primer which propels the work, the tone/feel of every composition is in direct association with the culture. Every object I compose is a physical versioning of a historic recording or happening, every tool used is an augmented scale referencing an industrial progression. The materials (wood, metal, plastic, film) are the staff paper, and every committed strike upon these materials forms a note or chord. The fluidity connecting mind, hand, and tools are based on the augmented triad which is the cornerstone of my work ethic. The main objective is to continue creating full-bodied compositions, as long as the staff paper flows I will inscribe upon it.