b. california

James Maurelle was born in california, his praxis explores sculpture, video, and photography, recycled materials are his physical and digital primes.  He is a graduate of the san francisco art institute with a degree in film, design & technology and holds an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. He works and resides in Philadelphia, PA.



artist statement

The work investigates everything from formalism to conceptualism to dreamlike realism to relational aesthetics, but it has at its nucleus the things I learned in my childhood as a plumber’s assistant. This might seem far-fetched, but, I feel its truth in my bones.  There is a correlation shaped between labor and creativity that has formed the basis of the work ethic at the heart of my practice. My work transcribes a circular discourse, a call, and response if you will. I believe in the linked dualities of action and stagnation, heavy and light, political and anarchic, old and new, video and photography. The intention in my practice is to break the cultural rules that separate “work” from “art”, with the hope of ushering in new esthetic vernacular using ephemera, reclaimed layman and trade materials. My overwrought contemplative struggle for existence forms the foundation of a practice that reshapes time-stamped objects as an act of creative introspective reformation. My aim is to navigate social systems so that I may find a contemporary path back to “workmanlike” images that I consider essential, and to remake them anew, as art.